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1. Did your loan application accurately reflect your personal, employment and financial information? If no, what was incorrect?
2. Upon being presented with loan options, did you feel sufficiently informed about each option to make an appropriate decision? If no, why?
3. Did your Mortgage Officer review interest rate(s), fee’s charged and terms prior to the closing of your loan?
4. Did you feel uncomfortable at any point with the interest rate, fee’s charged, and/or terms presented during the processing of your loan? If yes, why?

5. Do you feel the length of time required by Alliance Lending Services to process your loan was reasonable and acceptable?
If No, why?
6. Do you feel your Mortgage Officer was timely in responding to questions and other correspondence throughout the processing of your loan?
If no, why?
7. Do you feel any information regarding your loan or the process of securing it was presented inaccurately? If yes, Why?
8. Do you feel your Mortgage Officer possessed the required industry skills and knowledge to effectively assist you in securing the right solution for your mortgage needs? If no, why?

9. Is there anything Alliance Lending Services could do to have improved your mortgage processing experience? If yes, what?
10. Will you contact Alliance Lending Services for future mortgage transactions? If yes, why? If no, why?
11. Would you recommend Alliance Lending Services to your family, friends and/or colleagues? If yes, why? If no, why?
12. Is there someone you know currently in need of mortgage services that you feel
would welcome a call from Alliance Lending Services?

Thank you,
Alliance Lending Services

Customer Care Survey

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